Tips For Refresh Mind, Having a Well-Balanced Body And A Peaceful Soul

Thinking of yourself is as important as thinking of others you care for. Nourishment of your own self must be done first, or the flourishment of every other thing concerned to you would suffer.

Begin with the following little and doable habits:

Tips for acquiring a refreshed mind:

  1. Mix up your route: Switch your route when driving. Go to a new place than the usual one when want to eat out.
  2. Be mindful during something you do every day: Pay a little more attention when doing simple household tasks.
  3. Do a mini-meditation: Give out few minutes to yoga. Breathe deeply and feel the air around and inside you.
  4. Mute electronics for an hour: Unplug each and every electronics around you for an hour and see how it feels like.
  5. Do a “selfish” thing: There should be one thing done from you for your own sake that makes you happy.
  6. Start keeping track of compliments:  Remember to keep a record and note down the compliments other pays to you.

Tips for acquiring a well-balanced body

  1. Breathe: Deep breathing daily for a while makes you feel fresh and better.
  2. Make your meals simple: Eat simple and healthy meals which require lesser time for preparation.
  3. Scan your body mindfully: See and feel each and every part of your body. It gives you an insight that everything is in good health around and inside you.
  4. Breathe in an essential oil you like: Smelling the oils like lavender, orange, peppermint, etc. provides your body with relaxing fragrance.
  5. Take a short nap: Manage time to take a shorter nap which is necessary for reactivation of your body.
  6. Laugh: Do at least a little act each day which makes you laugh.
  7. Move your body: Dance it out and shake your body for few minutes.

Tips for the Peace of Soul

  1. Write for 15 minutes: Pen down your thoughts even if it is any kind of frustrations, wishes, fears, etc. do not be judgmental if you are feeling negative. Just release your thoughts onto a piece of paper. It will make you feel much more relaxed and happy.
  2. Pet pets, and more pets:  Give your pets considerable time to release stress.  They can be your best therapist, counselor, and even best friends.
  3. Get out and smile at someone: Spread and share a smile with others. It brings joy and happiness to your life.
  4. Utilize your strengths: Note down your skills and those things you are good at. It makes you feel confident.
  5. Have a date with yourself: Manage sometime during the day for yourself only. Go to your favorite place, listen to your favorite music or visit the nearest amusement park.
  6. Find beautiful things: Look into nature and appreciate as many things as you can around you. It feels so blessed when you do this job.
  7. Talk to yourself lovingly: Pay some compliments to yourself. Admire and praise your own qualities and strengths. It makes you vigilant, efficient and bold. It will make you love yourself.

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